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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (7 February 2013) - Arcade Taiko Sorairo Version at JAEPO 2013!

In last week's post we mentioned that Taiko 0.5 (C/N Katsu-Don) and Taiko Wii Chogouka-Ban will be shown at the Japan Amusement Expo 2013. Turns out we were wrong about the arcade version; instead of the current Katsu-Don arcade, the newest one, Sorairo, will be on show!

That's right; everyone who attends the JAEPO 2013 next week (15-16 February) will be able to take a sneak peek at part of the new default songlist a month before its official release. The only restraints are that each attendee are allowed only one free play and Banapassports cannot be used (i.e network is turned off).

Which new songs are there? How many are there?

As usual, a red New! is for the songs that are new to Taiko, while a blue New! indicates a console port.

New! UZA
New! Aitakatta (会いたかった)
New! 24karats TRIBE OF GOLD
New! Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi yo (サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ)
New! Fashion Monster (ファッションモンスター)

New! Kimi o Nosete (君をのせて)
New! Yajirushi ni Natte! (やじるしになって!)
New! V.I.P (from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
New! ETERNAL BLAZE (from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)

New! Senbonzakura (千本桜)

New! Atarimae Taisou (あたりまえ体操)
New! Kokoro Mawagaze! (ココロ転がせ!)

Game Music
New! Great! Animal Kaiser!! (グレート!アニマルカイザー!!)

Namco Original
New! Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)

The J-Pop and Variety genres get bigger with brand new songs by popular artists on Taiko games (AKB48, EXILE, Momoiro Clover and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) and collaboration songs (The Variety Kokoro Mawagaze was made for the 35th Anniversary of the CoroCoro comics magazine).

The new Vocaloid genre makes room for other synthetic singers with IMITATION BLACK, the 1st song by the fictional Visual Kei group VanaN'Ice (a virtual band formed by the three male Vocaloids Kaito, Len and Gakupo). According to the Taiko Team, the sole new Namco Original song has vocals and it's sung by 'that person that sang that very popular song' (大人気のアノ曲を歌っているアノ人が歌っていますよ). Who will it be?

The second half of today's blog entry is about Don-chan in the Mario Kart Arcade GP DX arcade (already covered yesterday) and further hints about the unlocking process of some pesky Banapassport titles for the Katsu-Don arcades:


・ There are some common points between the unlocking of "Are you done yet, sir?" and "Me ni Aoba" and the 2 titles added in previous updates (Fuuga's Friend and Mirai's friend).
・ In addition to the common points, there are some other conditions required for "Me ni Aoba".
・ And restating once more, It's not Taiko Team Etou, it's "Etou-don"

A further hint is given by checking the blog post's source code, which is somewhat related to an old blog post about the Taiko 13 arcade:


"Remember Katsu-Curry
This has become something commonplace now."

While the hints given this time are finally enough to unlock "Fuuga's Friend" and "Mirai's Friend", Many wow bang remains a mystery. Will these new clues enough to solve Etou's riddle?

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