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Monday, December 24, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin Chogouka-Ban BGM Collection


Taiko no Tatsujin Chogouka-Ban BGM Collection (太鼓の達人Wii 超ごうか版 BGM集) is the first soundtrack CD to be released only as a digital download, via the Japanese iTunes store.

For the first time ever in Taiko, this is an album that contains background music instead of actual songs; the various tunes that accompany the menu screens, minigames and letters from Taiko no Tatsujin Chogouka-Ban are in here. The CD also includes a bonus track which lasts 10 seconds long (and is instantly recognizable to all Taiko fans!)

Taiko no Tatsujin Chogouka-Ban BGM Collection has 46 tracks, and the first 45 can be bought at 150 Yen each, and the whole album collectively at 600 Yen with the 46th track. A half-price promotion for the album lasts until January 1st, 2013.

1. Shuukan Soukai! Don-chan Sawagi (瞬間爽快!どんちゃん騒ぎ)
2. Choose the number of Players-don (プレイ人数を選ぶドン)
3. Mode Select-don (モードを選ぶドン)
4. Play Mode - Results Screen (演奏ゲーム・成績発表)
5. Don-chan Sawagi - Interlude (どんちゃん騒ぎ・幕間)
6. Don-chan Sawagi - Yaminabe (Dark Steamboat) Interlude (どんちゃん騒ぎ・やみなべ幕間)
7. One-shot Baseball hit, take your aim! (野球で一発勝負、ねらってたたけ!)
8. One-shot Ninja attack, take your aim! (忍者で一発勝負、ねらってたたけ!)
9. One-shot Chick trap, take your aim! (ひよこで一発勝負、ねらってたたけ!)
10. Make a Hamburger like this! (このとおりにハンバーガーをつくれ!)
11. Make an Oden like this! (このとおりにおでんをつくれ!)
12. Make a Dango Stick like this! (このとおりに団子をつくれ!)
13. Drumroll to Break the Kusudama! (連打で競争くすだまわり!)
14. Drumroll in Beanbag Competition! (連打で競争玉入れ大会!)
15. Drumroll to Clean Up Garbage! (連打で捨てようゴミそうじ!)
16. Take Honey when the Flower is Blooming! (花が咲いたらミツをとれ!)
17. Hit the Crocodile by Hitting Notes! (音符たたいてワニをたたけ!)
18. Don-chan Derby by Hitting Notes! (音符たたいてどんちゃんダービー!)
19. Beat all the Zombies! (ゾンビをぜんぶやっつけろ!)
20. Balance and Grab the Helicopter! (バランスとってヘリにつかまれ!)
21. Balance to Survive! (バランスとっていきのこれ!)
22. Launch Lots of Fireworks! (ドンドンあげろ花火大会!)
23. Cheerleader by Hitting Notes! (たたいておうえんチアリーダー!)
24. (Cut the Sushi by Hitting the Drum!) トントンたたいて恵方巻を切りまくれ!
25. (Cut the Narutomaki by Hitting the Drum!) トントンたたいてナルトを切りまくれ!
26. Flip Lots of Coins!! (コインをいっぱいたたいてはじけ!)
27. Pop Lots of Bubble Wrap! (たたいておとしてたくさんつぶせ!)
28. Don-chan Sawagi - Results Screen (どんちゃん騒ぎ・総合成績発表)
29. Taiko Classroom - Door Opening (太鼓教室・開門)
30. Taiko Classroom - Results Screen (太鼓教室・成績発表)
31. Taiko Classroom - Rank Up (太鼓教室・段位認定)
32. Don-chan's Treasure Room (どんちゃんの宝物)
33. Outfit Collection (きせかえコレクション)
34. Choose your Mail-don (メールを選ぶドン)
35. How to Play (あそびかた説明)
36. Game Settings (ゲーム設定)
37. You have Mail-don! 1 (メールが来たドン!その1)
38. You have Mail-don! 2 (メールが来たドン!その2)
39. You have Mail-don! 3 (メールが来たドン!その3)
40. You have Mail-don! 4 (メールが来たドン!その4)
41. You have Mail-don! 5 (メールが来たドン!その5)
42. You have Mail-don! 6 (メールが来たドン!その6)
43. You have Mail-don! 7 (メールが来たドン!その7)
44. You have Mail-don! 8 (メールが来たドン!その8)
45. You have Mail-don! 9 (メールが来たドン!その9)
46. Nonai Carnival Da-don! (脳内カーニバルだドーン!)

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