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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Made by You: Evans and more

Today's a healthy mix of both osu!Taiko and Taikojiro simulated charts, made by you!

The video you see above is a very prominent Bemani song, Evans, by DJ Yoshitaka. It was introduced on the original "Jubeat" rhythm game arcade machine, which features 16 squares to tap to the beat. Evans was one of the most difficult songs on Jubeat, and has also become a template for many MAD parodies on Youtube and Nicovideo.

The above osu!Taiko chart for Evans is mapped by Axel, our new contributor for this feature, and is a 9* full of clusters, getting harder and harder towards the end. Axel also has many other osu!Taiko maps, uploaded to CoroQuetz's Youtube channel.  Axel's works consist of a lot of Bemani songs.

Next, a familiar Taikojiro mapper and composer.

Packer is back with two songs this time. The first is simply titled '122' with an interesting concept behind it. Similar to 2echo4 from before, 122 is a slow techno track with sparse clusters. Well, until you get to the middle, where the patterns become 1-2-2 note clusters all the way to the end. The title is named after December 2nd.

Second song from Packer for today, another long-awaited sequel to his MIZU series, MIZU-III Denki Unagi (electric eel)! Packer loves electronic music and correlated this to an electric eel, which lives in the water, hence a MIZU song. Unlike the first two, this is quite a tough song classed as a 10*, with intermediate BPM. The entire song is a continuous line of 1/2 notes interspersed with 1/3 notes and some streams, and ends the song with a section full of streams and handswitch.

Now, Yusri Khairi's maps! He's made another whole bunch so we'll feature a sample by him.

This is Gyromite, a music featured in the Nintendo beat-em-up game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii. Gyromite was originally for the NES where it was a simple platforming game using the toy robot accessory R.O.B. This remix is used as stage music in the fighting game, and Yusri turned it into a Taiko notechart, 7* Oni. Upbeat and cheerful, and not too difficult!

Yusri's other maps this time include more Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary music, and also other tracks from Super Smash Bros Brawl and its prequel on the Gamecube, Smash Bros Melee.


  1. Honestly that Evans chart is really weak, the drum "composition" doesn't really go with the music at all and it's kinda just a bunch of random note patterns. I feel like I could do better just freestyling on an actual taiko haha...

    1. Well, you can't please them all~ Back to more mapping I guess