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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu Gekijouban Ura FC on Detarame

Yes, we don't usually feature videos of people playing Taiko regularly but it's currently a very dry week with no news (and we are busy preparing articles for Christmas) so have this for now.

Can't FC Shoushitsu Gekijouban Ura (currently one of the three most difficult charts ever in Taiko no Tatsujin)? Thia guy can.....on Detarame (Random) modifier. The first person in Japan to do so too.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll get one over you guys soon. You just wait...! D:

    2. Metal Hawk Deta FC, Suuhaa Deta FC, and now this...is there anything they can't do? :P

    3. Who's FC Suuhaa deta ? I search on you tube, but never found it...

  2. This guy is so epic, the best I can do is 40 misses o.O

  3. -stares in front of the monitor for 1 minute-


    When can I be like them? DX -depressed-