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Friday, November 23, 2012

Purple Rose Fusion first video

It's here! The final Rose series song! Purple Rose Fusion is, exactly as its name implies, a fusion of the music of Red Rose and Blue Rose, with an entirely new notechart to go with it. 10* Oni with 876 combo and no Ura mode.

It starts off fairly easy with a rejigged version of the instrumental Blue Rose, then moves on to Red Rose, then the middle chorus sounds a lot like Red Rose's vocals interweaving with Blue Rose's music. This part is also annoying with 2 and 4 note clusters in the middle of regular ones, making it a slower version of Ao no Senritsu Ura.

"....slow? Who's calling me slow? I'll show you!"

The ending is Blue Rose's music as well, but sped up to an incredibly high BPM (which is still being worked out) and this part is probably what gives this chart the 10*.