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Friday, November 16, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (16 November 2012)- Taiko 0 first anniversary

See? See see see I KNEW they wouldn't miss out on Taiko 0's first anniversary! Yep, this is quite a large update with lots of stuff. Also who made that cake? It's by the lead programmer of the game, alias 'T'. Not bad eh?

In conjunction with Taiko 0's first anniversary, there will be a surprise system update! The update for Taiko 0.5 this time is to Game Version 5.06, and it brings four new songs


Totsugeki Rock (from Naruto) (突撃ロック)

Game Music
Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Gym Battle Medley (ポケットモンスターブラック2・ホワイト2 ジム戦メドレー)

Namco Original
Koi no Shohousen (恋の処方箋)

...and then a hidden message just below saying there are more secret songs on the way too.

S and Totsugeki Rock are new licenses making their console debut on Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Chogouka-ban, and Koi no Shohousen becomes the first CreoFUGA Namco Original to branch out from Taiko PSP DX. Eh? Only one of them? Don't worry, there will be more CreoFUGA in the first anniversary update, Namco promises.

But the game music....Yes! That is completely new and will be a source of happiness for many players in Japan! The Gym Leader battle music from Pokemon Black 2/White 2!

Two, two, six....something tough for Oni difficulty?

And then there's the revealing of four new titles, which are related to the update. Do they unlock four new songs?

***治療中 *の*** をクリアする (obviously clear Koi no Shohousen)
*の**様  **** をクリアする
多****者 ********** をクリアする
愛****花 ****** をクリアする

The other three aren't as obvious.

Game Version 5.06 will go live on November 27th 2012, two days before Taiko Wii 5 is released. Between that game, this update and the download pack for PSP DX, we're going to be really busy on that week!

Now the second thing Namco wants to bring attention to is the Winter online tournament for Donder Hiroba players, and the rules are the same; score the top 100 places on each of the three songs to win titles (either ドンだー祭り 冬の陣(おに) or ドンだー祭り 冬の陣(むずかしい) depending on your difficulty tier chosen, you can only get one by participating) and bragging rights. Players can choose from either Oni or Muzukashii. The three songs are:

Red Rose Evangel
Blue Rose Ruin

I'm sensing a pattern here.....could that third hidden song be a new Rose song? Namco is certainly teasing at it!

So much to cover and so little time! I'll leave you to absorb all the information. See you soon!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah rumors are pointing to something called Purple Rose Fusion. But we'll wait for an official confirmation

  2. Wonder if Purple Rose Fusion will be harder than Black Rose Apostle......

  3. POOOOOKEMON MEDLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any chances it becomes a unlockable song in Wii 5?
    Probably not, but yeah, I hope this means we will see more Nintendo
    games music in Taiko in the future.

    1. This being in Wii5 would make me very happy.

      The prospect of more Nintendo music in Taiko is even better holy crap yes :DDDDD

  4. I'm wondering that the pokemon wll have an easy oni one for normal people and a ura mode......