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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (15 November 2012)- Taiko PSP DX November 2012 download pack

Hey donders, did you know that tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of Taiko 0 arcade? Yep, it's been one full year since it was first seen on November 16th with its HD screen and sound system and sexy new cabinet and....what am I saying, that's not the point of this article!

This blog entry is about Taiko PSP DX's 17th monthly song download pack! Come see what songs there are.

There will be five songs in this pack.


Pegasus Fantasy (ペガサス幻想)

Game Music
RAGE v.self

Namco Original
Taiko Time (タイコタイム) plus Ura difficulty charts
3piece-Jazz Party!

The two new names we have not seen before are the final two CreoFUGA user-created songs, and it includes the only one among the eight winners that isn't in the Namco Original genre, but a remake of Namco's own game music. Neither title have been altered since they were chosen as winners. RAGE v.self is composed by Joe [F-Lives], and 3piece-Jazz Party by Mikhail (ミハイル). Looking forward to seeing them! You can of course, listen to their previews at the original blog post as usual.

The price for each song is 150 Yen, with the option to buy both CreoFUGA songs in one package for 200 Yen. Taiko Time and its Ura are free. This pack will be out on November 29th 2012.

Hold on, that's a familiar date....Namco is planning to overload us with Taiko goodness like last year!

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