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Monday, October 29, 2012

Made by You: Halloween special and more

Halloween's in two days' time, and looks like a lot of celebration (well, somewhat) is going on in the various rhythm game communities, and we received this Taikojiro chart with self-made music just in time for the occasion!

Once again made by Jia Yi, this is another of his self-composed pieces, called Dracula's Birthday Night. The voices in this 4-minute long song are samples from different horror flicks. See if you can pick them out! The song is meandering and long, leaving little room to place many notes in this chart. Just over 400 notes in this creepyfest, which goes faster and faster towards the end of the song.

Want to listen to the original without Taiko notes? Here's the link.

Yusri Khairi uploaded a bunch of notecharts last week, and we'll feature two of them here. This first one is a 10* Oni take on AKB48's positive, upbeat Everyday, Katyusha. As with most of the licensed songs he chooses to do, this is the full version of the song.

Puyo Puyo! Any avid gamer would have probably played at least one variant of this blob-matching puzzle game, whose concept dates way, way back. The original was made by Sega, and the 20th Anniversary was last year. This is the theme song that came with it, and the full 4 and a half minutes of it is a 9* Oni.

There are six other videos uploaded at the same time in Yusri's channel, and there's Morse Code messages in three of them (Hidden Feelings ~Feli's Theme~, Everyday, Kachusha, and Kaze wa Fuiteiru). Can you decode 'em?

And the last song...back to Gangnam Style again it seems. But this is a little different...yes, another custom made song, once again by Jia Yi! Putting his own spin and lyrics into the Korean hip-hop song that swept the world and calling it Jia Yi Style, the voice is his own with some auto-tuning done, and the music video (link on the video itself) is right underneath the chart! Go see it!


  1. The voice in Jia Yi Style is indeed my voice, but I had actually auto-tuned it.