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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fanmade charts: NEPHILIM DELTA and more!

In the spotlight: more of your fanmade Taikojiro charts! Once again we welcome Packer, our regular charter who loves picking high-speed techno DDR songs. This is another of those songs, Nephilim Delta by L.E.D-G, famed in the Bemani crew for fast, energetic songs. The clusters look basic and somewhat resemble X-DAY 2000, but watch out for the troll sections, including the very subtle slowdown when the long deathstreams come into play.

Again by Packer, but this time is an original composition. Inspired by the SORA series, this is experimental music by him, titled MIZU-I: Thermocline. As opposed to SORA (sky), 'mizu' means 'water'. Thermocline is a rapid change in temperature. Check out this 8* level chart! It may not be as slow or meandering as SORA-I, but still has quite decent music.

This chart is by jylee18, and unlike his previous works which were centered around Hatsune Miku and some original compositions, this is an anime song from the white-hot series Puella Magi Madoka Magica (it's opening theme, Connect, is in Taiko 0). 'Credens Justitiam' is the theme song of one of the five magical girls in the show, Tomoe Mami. The song is composed by Yuki Kajiura.

The chart was made to be quite hard, with 999 max combo at a slow BPM. Watch out for the mixed streams!

There is another lot of charts which I will feature at a separate date. Stay tuned!


  1. Well damn,MIZU-I sounds pretty cool,kinda getting DJ Amuro vibes off that one.

  2. well actually......Thermocline is an area or region between the cold water and the hot water and its temperature is unstable which change the temperature rapidly (Accoring to what I understand from Wiki)
    And the middle part is quite bad (since it is just experimental)
    I think I will re-make the song and add more BPM change which best describe change temperature (BPM) rapidly