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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin Codename: Katsu-Don update post

The latest update of the current arcade generation has been released, and we're ready to provide a live update once again! (and just two weeks after 3DS...phew!) We will also cover the PSP DX July download pack in this post, but they will be labeled with Roman numerals to differentiate them from the arcade updates.

Current number of updates: 26 (VI) and counting

26. Confirmed: All Don Point unlockable songs from before the update are now unlocked by default. Only the three title unlock songs Haya Saitama 2000, Kita Saitama 200 and The Carnivorous Carnival require a Banapassport profile.
25. Yuugen no Ran removed from songlist, apparently 2ch got carried away with one hoax post. Currently unavailable, that song.
24. First video of Pegasus Fantasy (3/5/4/6), the arcade update's nostalgic pick from the Saint Seiya series.
23. First video of regular Oni of Juumensou colorful ver. Again, the song's unusual length (3 minutes and 40 seconds) contributed to this 6* song on Taiko with the largest number of notes.
22. First videos of Ninja wa Saiko (3/4/5/7) and Fly Away (4/5/5/7), the two new default Namco Original songs. The former song has 601 notes, the latter has 579 notes.
21. Video of Anime song Can Do (2/3/4/6). 428 notes for its Oni.
20. Video for Switch On!'s Ura Oni mode. Another 9* challenge with 454 notes.
19. Video for Kirumi no Baby!, 9* Oni (4/5/8/9), rare difficulty for an anime song, 596 notes, and Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo -Z ver-, 6* Oni (3/4/3/6), 496 notes.
18. Soroban 2000's Morse Code on Oni difficulty. Will translate once the messages for all difficulties have been collected.



17. First video of Phantom Rider (Ura). 765 notes, 9*.
16. Soroban 2000 is unlocked by title, by FC all songs as Juumensou (colorful ver.) in one credit. Modifier information unavailable. Source
15. Clearer video of Famires Wars (yeah, we got the title wrong, making the correction clear here.)
14. Yuugen no Ran (幽玄ノ乱) confirmed as a Don Chare unlockable song, no other details yet.
13. First video of Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms~ Ura, 9*, 541 notes.
12. Phantom Rider shows up as the Max Don Point unlockable song (4/5/6/8), this is the first video of its regular Oni, with 697 notes. On the first second of the video is the AC15 password for Taiko 3DS on Kimi to Hibiku Harmony.
11. Confirmed unlockable a pleasing return for the 2000 series: Soroban 2000, with a new difficulty set (4/6/7/10 against the old 5/7/8/10) and possibly new hidden morse codes! What messages will be hidden this time?
10. LQ video for almost all the new Vocaloid songs's Oni modes are available!
-) Matryoshka (4/6/5/7 and 9* Ura). 693 notes for its regular Oni and 857 for the Ura variant. While this song has custom Miku dancers for the Regular Oni, Gumi jumps in for the Ura mode. The song's speed can ramp up to 295 BPM!
-) Juumensou colorful ver. (3/5/3/6 and 8* Ura). With 752 notes, the song 's regular Oni mode has the highest note total for a 6* song in Taiko games! The Ura Oni instead manages to reach the triple-digit limit with its 999 notes. Regular Oni video is still unavailable.
-) Mosaic Roll (3/5/5/8). 492 notes for its Oni mode.
9. First LQ video of Oshiri no Yama wa Everest's Ura Oni (784 notes). Featuring lots of hand-switches which may remind of Hataraku 2000!
8. First LQ video of Famires Forces (8* on Oni). 723 notes on Oni.
7. On the way to Game Version 6.21, some Oni charts have had their difficulty ranks changed. Here are all the changes:
-) No Way Back (regular Oni), from 9* to 8*
-) Symphonic Druaga, from 6* to 7*
-) 3Q-4U-AC00, from 8* to 7*
-) Shunyuu ~happy excursion~ (regular Oni), from 8* to 7*
-) Haya Saitama 2000, from 10* to 9*
6. Other hidden songs released but not on the official blog post are Famires Force (8* Oni), Kayou~Flourishing Blossoms~ (with Ura!).
5. First video of Telecastic fake show Oni, showing the chart of the first J-Pop to have 1000 notes.
4. Kimi to Hibiku Harmony confirmed for songlist, mysteriously without the Ura mode on Taiko 3DS. 211 songs.
3. Telecastic fake show, one of the new J-Pop songs, is confirmed to have a 10* Oni with 1000 notes, being the second song to go over the triple-digit limit after Shimedore 2000. Looks hard; see the screenshot above!
2. Confirmation of wikihouse, the basic songlist already counts four new Ura modes: Vocaloid Gumi's Variety songs Matryoshka (9*) and Juumensou colorful ver. (8*, 999 notes) and Anime songs Switch On! (9* Oni, 454 notes) and Oshiri no Yama wa Everest (unknown). No videos released yet.
1. Start off with Game Version 6.21's known songlist. It's still unknown if the old unlockable songs are still locked for newcomers, as the Don Point system has been resetted for a new wave of unlockables.


VI. Taiko PSP DX's July 2012 hidden IDs are finally revealed! Click here to find out more.
V. Sudden de-ranking for July's older songs! Oni mode of RHYTHM AND POLICE is now rated 7*, and the regular Oni of Yozakura Shanikusai is cut from 10* to 9*.
IV. First video of Go Go Yuureisen (3/4/6/7), July's new entry for the Variety genre. For the record, its singer created Matryoshka (by Gumi and Miku), which is now on the arcade!
III. First video of Dokidoki Mune Kyun Omatsuri Time (4/6/8/9), the other CreoFuga song of the month. Unlike DIMENSIONS, this one has lyrics too!
II. First video of DIMENSIONS (4/6/8/9), one of July's CreoFuga songs. High BPM ahoy!
I. Starting with the Namco Taiko Blog entry about PSP DX's July pack.


  1. 誕生日プレゼントねぇ

    Songs about cake, toys, games...

    Cake=Okashi Deka no Uta?

    1. Okashi Deka isn't in Taiko 0, sorry.

    2. I meant as a potential unlock.

    3. No that was for hints. Etou says in the message that a new title can be unlocked by playing three songs, one each related to 'cake' 'toys' and 'videogames'.

  2. I knew it, HayaSaitama2000 should be already a 9 star.

  3. hisuisep2008 has uploaded HQ videos of some songs. Go see his channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/hisuisep2008

    1. Many thanks :) These vids will be linked to the songlist. Hope other HQs surface soon!

  4. The only two 10* song I can FCed with Haya Saitama downgraded are Black Rose Apostleg(regular) and Mint Tears...I think No way Back(regular) is a bit difficult to fit an 8* song.