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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb update post

It's not Glaroid Room that has the game leaked first this time, the information comes from various leakers and of course, spoiler warning before you enter the post! Newest updates on the top.

Bandai Namco Livestream for Taiko 3DS now live. Come catch it! 

EDIT: Stream is over! Watch for our coverage of it soon.

Current number of updates: 44

44. First Youtube videos about Taiko 3DS's Story mode feature the final boss battle and the credit cutscene.
43. Courtesy of Youtube user Yamilla, we have added some HQ videos about Taiko 3DS songs on its songlist page. Thank you for your support, Yamilla!
42. First Autoplay of Soul Calibur V and Fighter's Honor (Flying Remix), a couple of new 7* Oni songs (438 notes the former, 527 the latter)
40. Confirmed the presence of McDonald's in Taiko 3DS's staff roll credits. Will be the fast food franchise involved with password unlocks again, like on the last DS game?
37. First (blurry) Autoplay of Maou no Showtime. 9*, 888 notes as mentioned earlier.
36. Full star rating for all songs now up, see Taiko 3DS's songlist page for further details.
35. Other gameplay videos from Nicovideo! New IdolM@ster song Kyun! Vampire Girl (6* Oni with 433 notes) and Anime song Wonderland, from Gintama (another 6* Oni, 431 notes)
----------July 13-------------------
34. The regular Oni notechart of Kimi to Hibiku Harmony is rated 6* with 466 notes.
33. First HQ audio rips of Maou no Showtime and Let's go! Smile Precure.
32. First gameplay videos for Assault BGM1 and the new notechart of Kimi ga, Romantic. The former is a 8* song with 527 notes, while the latter has 326 notes, 6* Oni.
31. First HQ audio rips of Suuhaa 2000 and Kimi to Hibiku Harmony.
30. Nicovideo footage of Amanda. 523 notes with some BPM changes on this instrumental.
29. Confirmed total song list is 55 songs + 5 Uras, as Chibi-Don costume is unlocked by 'playing all songs' once.
28. A password will be given out for Taiko 3DS through update of Taiko 0, where Kimi to Hibiku Harmony will also be playable. Apparently the password will be visible on the Oni bar of the song, where punching it into the 3DS will reveal something more, possibly one more song.
27. Youtube videos of Tell Your World and Suuhaa 2000.
26. Oni Star ratings of most of Taiko 3DS's new songs are leaked by wikihouse. Sorting by genre!
Flying Get and KISS KISS BANG BANG are worth 5*, while PON PON PON and Misenai Namida wa, Kitto Itsu Ka are both 6*.
Busters Let's Go! is a 3* Oni, while Let's Go! Smile Precure has 4*. Still unknown the ratings of the other 3 new songs.
Wrath of Requiem gets downgraded with Toccata and Fugue and Rock, from 7* to 6*. Still unknown the ratings of O Sole Mio and An American in Paris, the new Gershwin song.
Game Music
7* rating for the new Monster Hunter medley, Fighter's Honor (Flying Remix), Soul Calibur V and AWAKE. Kyun! Vampire Girl, the new 3DS Idolm@ster song, is rated 6*, while Assault BGM1 has 8*.
Namco Original
Kimi to Hibiku Harmony's regular Oni and Kimi ga, Romantic are both 6* Oni, with the latter gaining new notecharts. Sweet Sweet Magic is a 7* Oni, while Amanda is worth a rating star more (8*).
25. First video of Wasabi Body Blow, a Game Music from Tekken 3D. 959 notes for its 9* Oni.
---------July 12-----------------------
24. New song unlocked by getting Story Mode treasures: Takara no Oka. 7* Namco Original. 55 songs.
23.Game Music Wasabi Body Blow has 959 notes, while the new Namco Original villain song - Maou no Showtime - has 888 notes, 9* Oni. Ratings unknown for Wasabi Body Blow.
22. Detarame modifier confirmed to be available for 3DS.
21. Taiko counter can exceed 99999. Currently there is no reward at 200000.
20. Kimi to Hibiku Harmony Ura unlocked at 99999 on Taiko counter, marking the first ever console theme song with its own Ura mode. 8* Oni, unknown notes.
19. Angel Dream Ura unlocked at 70000 on Taiko counter.
18. Taberuna 2000 has not being downgraded and remains 10* Oni.
17. Maou no Showtime is 9* Oni with some BPM changes.
16. Dodon ga Don Ura confirmed at 50000 on the Taiko counter. Looks like one Ura is unlocked after every 20000 instead of every 10000, meaning it's pretty scanty. Oh well. Thanks to TensaiKaishou for the heads-up!
15. Toccata and Fugue and Rock Oni is indeed downgraded to 9*. (2chan)
14. Kiseki, despite being shown at the magazine source, does not exist on the 3DS song list. 54 songs.
13. First video of Suuhaa 2000, Oni 10*, 668 notes. No that is not a Jiro chart, this is real. Yes I know is crazy. Suuhaa 2000 is from the beginning, not a secret song.
-----------July 11----------------------
12. Memeshikute gameplay at Nicovideo. 8* Oni, 378 combo.
11. Ohayou! Shining Day gameplay at Nicovideo. 4* Oni, 227 combo.
10. Tell your World feat. Hatsune Miku gameplay at Nicovideo. 6* Oni, 388 combo.
9. Hakuchou no Mizuumi (Ura) confirmed unlock at 30000 Taiko counter (2chan)
8. First gameplay video (autoplay) of a song on Taiko 3DS (Ohayou! Shining Day), if you have access to Nicovideo. Difficulty sets will be obtained once someone unlocks Oni.
7. Alborada del Gracioso from Taiko Wii 3 confirmed unlockable. Sanpo (Ura) is also unlocked.....Ura mode confirmed for Taiko 3DS, but unlocked individually like on PSP! 55 songs.
6. Wrath of Requiem confirmed unlockable. Hayabusa, Mekadesu and Maou no Showtime confirmed unlockable. 54 songs.
5. Kimi ni Romantic, Ego Ego Atakushi and Taberuna 2000 are unlockables. I think I know which boss Taberuna comes from! 53 songs.
4. New Classic song, An American in Paris (パリのアメリカ人) from Gershwin. Source: 2chan. 51 songs.
3. Same blogger confirms five new Namco Originals available from the start of the game: Amanda, Dodon ga Don, The Magician's Dream, Growing Up and Sweet Sweet Magic (from the Donderful soundtrack). Four out of these have English titles lol. That makes 50 confirmed songs.
2. First screenshots of Taiko 3DS by a Korean blogger. The results screen on the top shows the new Don-chan graphical style, as well as (finally) number of drumrolls being shown. Taiko Counter is back.
1. Start off with the 45 known songs. Of course, some of them are secret ones so not all of the 45 are there right now.
-------------July 10------------------

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