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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Site announcement: Major renewal!

It's that time of year again. Almost our site anniversary, and with it comes more new changes and reorganizing of our site! If you have been browsing for the past few hours you may have noticed some of these changes going around but I'll just lay out what I've actually done to the place.

First things first, new graphics! New button designs replace the old Introductions and Oni Unlock buttons on the top, and the side buttons are redesigned to make them look less messy and to fit with the current design of our header image. You can see them from here right away.

Next, the arcade and console Taiko page has been remade. It now features thumbnails of the boxart or arcade cabinet on the page! Some of the descriptions have also been rewritten for more accuracy and less clutter.

The third major change will be our song series and song of the week page. A lot of requests I have gotten from many of you are for the notecounts of Kantan, Futsuu and Muzukashii to be displayed, and I've done just that and arranged all the information, including BPM and change of genre, into neat tables above the video and description, instead of one solitary sentence at the bottom of the page. Along the way, we also noticed many discrepancies in the articles which we forgot to fix, notecounts, difficulty stars, song descriptiona, so all mistakes will be corrected!

The lyrics for each song are put as links on the title itself; just click the title to go to the lyrics article! Every change is noted now.

But wait- what's that right above it? Another table? With round edges? Yes, it is!

Table of contents for each song series page! And each of the titles are clickable for you to jump straight to that song's description and video instead of having to scroll all the way down. It's a simple HTML trick used in many other sites so we were really late in that sense.

Only the 2000 series is done with the new layout for now, but every one of them will be covered eventually! The weekly songs too; today's song will be the first to use this new layout!

The Others page, though still rather modest-looking, also has its own rearrangement. Soundtrack albums now have description panels similar to the new arcade and console Taiko pages and information is shuffled around. The Special dancers have also all been integrated into one page, published just this morning, right below this post! Go see it! It has a clickable thumbnail gallery now.

A new page for Song of the Week was created, to arrange the songs by genre too, in addition to the current list which is sorted by date, and a handy link to switch between the two.

The Oni and Ura Oni articles have been revised and integrated, so arcade and console Oni/Ura Oni are now treated as one article instead of being separate, which was messy.

A Contents page has been made for the Tutorial, which you can see by clicking the brand-new button up on top.

Also, there is a slight change to the color of links, which was bright orange but is now a darker shade of orange-red, making them easier to read than before.

Sounds like a lot? Well we've got more coming! In the works are a new visual guide to navigating arcade and console menus for newbies, and cataloguing of Don-chan's costumes on the home console games (help would be appreciated for anyone who can gather these; especially from Wii 2 and Wii 4).

Enjoy the new site!


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