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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (26 July 2012) - CreoFuga interviews, part 1

This post is an interview with the first two winners of the CreoFUGA music making contest: DUNKEL who composed DIMENSIONS, and MOES who composed Dokidoki Kyun Omatsuri Time.

Both composers are pretty psyched about having their creations in a game of Taiko no Tatsujin, and actually being able to play your own song on it, that really has to be an amazing feeling! They mentioned that it was pretty difficult to convince others to vote for their songs or support them, as this is the kind of dream that is as far-fetched as being able to win a reality TV show.

For DIMENSIONS, its creator DUNKEL envisioned a stylish, yet aggressive song that would remind people of action or fighting game music. He likes progressive rock and symphonic metal and generally loves guitar music most of all. Since this victory, his doujin circle and website has been booming, and he plans to make more music in the future. The notechart for DIMENSIONS is very tough in the main guitar chorus, and he urges players to watch out in those!

MOES is an entirely different approach to songs with 'Matsuri' in its title, and is not traditional Japanese. He made the music himself, but the lyricist and vocalist in the original draft song remain unknown (or is it him/her?). It was a long tough road, but MOES is glad to have been part of the contest. He/she makes Vocaloid songs too, you can check out the website here. He wants to attract players with the gimmick at the back of the song, which is the entire song looped once over but at a much higher speed!

Congratulations to the two of them and may they find more success in the future as musicians!

Remember, the PSP DX download pack goes live today and you can download the two CreoFUGA songs as a single entity for 200 yen instead of having to buy the individual songs for 150 yen each. Now to wait for the rest!

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