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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fanmade .ac song and a few other things

It's not difficult getting the right tools to make one of these since Numujika and Arumujika are basically synthesized music (okay maybe it is for the uninformed), but it's even more difficult to sit down and think of what to compose. Our regular contributor jylee18 has done just that. His fanmade .ac song is a strange title 'mimip~ac~uu'. It's a reference to the name of one of Malaysia's prominent Taiko players and this song and chart is a dedication to him. How nice!

You can download the Taikojiro chart from the description.

Another Taikojiro chart by 何文旗 (Youtube name KEE200), called Canon (SDO version) with more than a nod to some of Taiko's more recent vicious streams like the one in Senpuu no Mai.

Yusri Khairi continues his chart-making, one of them being an alternate chart for the Taiko cut of Go-Go Tamagotchi, which was a 7* Oni song with 365 notes. Not anymore!

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