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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random: Jiwa Taiko

There are a lot of Malay gangster movies made, but I just could not ignore the title of the latest production by Osman Ali.

Yep you heard right. Jiwa Taiko. I know the 'taiko' in the movie does not in any way refer to the traditional Japanese instrument which is the focus of this blog (it means, literally 'big brother', and is used as a name for gang leaders) but I just couldn't resist making my own crappy Photoshop edits. Thank goodness I still kept the Dokodon Fighters posters from April Fools Day!

(yes don-chan and kat-chan look weird shut up)


  1. Holy crap that shooped poster is godlike

  2. I laughed until my sleeping housemate woke up......

  3. I knew it Pikaby is from Malaysia... ( Talking abt Zekira challenge Shimedore 2000 )