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Friday, April 6, 2012

Taiko Time forums: Important notice

Yesterday was our second server downtime since we started the forums for 'server overloading', and nemoma, our forum hoster, is not pleased. You might want to read the notice he put up.

As You guys can see, we get this problem recently about the hosting company complaining for a very high CPU Load:

And some of the loads may come from the forums because of this reason:
B: PHP generally drain CPU power, more files, more power drained.

Thus, what I'm going to do, is going to see first if the host company would tolerate this forum (since I still get a 8 month subscription ahead of me, and changing hosts take time.) and merge this forum with a Touhoumon-related forum managed by me and another Aqua (Aquamentis, very good guy).

In the unlucky chance of switching hosts, Will our data be kept?
Yes. except this thread.

If we switched hosts, Will we need to reregister?
Yes and No, it depends on luck - the database backup includes the user data, however in the process of switching hosts, these data could mess up, which means you'll probably reregister.

If we are merging, are the other members good guys?
As far as I know, these Touhoumon Forum people are all good guys. Touhoumon is a great hack of pokemon too, play it!

You seem to have some serious problem with the hosting company, would we change hosts?
Very probably, but this won't done in a day: After all, my current plan ends at December, and they don't provide refunds. there are also domain name issues... and host need to be purchased, I need to get the money for that too so yeah.

And that's it for today, spread the news!

tl;dr version: The forum would merge with a Touhoumon Forum after about 24 hours later because of various reasons, after that we may change to a completely different host altogether. and your data will be kept.

I reiterate, no one should be worrying about the merger. Just go about your regular business and hopefully we can resolve the forum problem sometime soon.

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