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Thursday, March 29, 2012

pikaby asks: Has Taiko recommended anime to you?

because I felt like putting a Pokemon picture shut up

Anyone here a big fan of anime? If you are, then you'll probably have found some familiarity when you first came to Taiko and found your favorite anime opening being included in the game (or any anime theme you've heard before, for that matter). Though the covers aren't always impressive, it's always nice to see them try. Pokemon themes was my first step. I know it's the same case for quite a few of you too!

But. Has the reverse ever occurred to you? Listening or playing a anime theme song on Taiko, then moving on to watch the actual anime to see what it's all about? Free advertising hasn't caught on to me yet so far as I don't watch an awful lot of animation.


  1. I recently started watching the Toriko anime just for Guts Guts... and it's surprisingly nice!

    (read= has a good plot and it doesn't revolve around female mammal organs for the 90% of the time lol)

  2. @Nintendo 5-star When you put it that way it seems very weird...

    Anime & Taiko are pretty separate for me. I watch a lot of anime, and I play a lot of taiko, but they just don't seem that connected to me. I play Taiko for the Namco Originals of course. (and some awesome Classical & Game Music songs)

  3. Same like Pikaby, Pokemon brought me to Taiko as well.
    If it is reverse, for me are Lucky Star and 凉宫,I started to search out more about the series' characters and watched quite a number of episodes. But besides that, because of Taiko, I start to listen to Hatsune Miku songs after I heard "World is Mine". Then, I also start to play some Tekken games after KARMA (Tatsujin Mix) was introduced.

  4. I haven't actually gotten any recommendations from taiko about animes to watch. Granted, I don't really pay attention to the anime genre anyway and focus on game music and namco originals 99% of the time.

  5. @hahayou92: It's already weird that 90% of modern Anime series highly focus on Ecchi... and that's why the only Jap shows I'm used to see are Bo-bobo and Shin-chan lol