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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Details from the Full Combo soundtrack

Thought we weren't going to have this until the official release date tomorrow? Well, to hell with that; the album's been leaked far earlier than expected! Well, it could have been even earlier by a day or two, but details have to be compiled after all. Some of these are quite exciting.

Here's the tracklist for reference. Now let's see what we've got here:
  • Taiko 0 new songs first! MATSURI D/A is composed by 'Vincent', an alias for god knows who.
  • Hayabusa is by Takafumi Sato (佐藤たかふみ). That makes it his 4th Namco Original in just one year (Wanya World, Cycle of Rebirth, Meena no Oyashiki). This guy is active, I'll give him that.
  • Growing Up is by a2c from MintJam, and the vocalist is TERRA. No, not the TERRA from Bemani.
  • Samba Alegria is by Sampling Masters AYA
  • Dodon ga Don is by Sampling Masters Mega. That explains its similarity to Rotter Tarmination nicely.
  • Hey, Mr. Professor is by an alias 'P-Co', and the composer of the song is another enigmatic name 'Professor S'. Now who in the world...?
  • The Magician's Dream is by Thor Kawai (川井遠瑠), or better known as YakitoriThor....no I am not kidding. He's from JBG Music School, which has also done a whole bunch of Namco Originals in the past one year: Marble Heart and Kuon no Yoru which are in this album, and LOVE Ikusa!! and Chiheisen no Aeolia in the Donderful album.
  • Now updates to existing songs. Magical Little Spaceship, the Namco Original on Taiko PSP DX, is by ELEKTEL. And yes, from Bemani this time!
  • Kissa Rain, Obsession Latino and Bubbly Queen, all of which are on the Full Combo soundtrack together, share one composer, Hiromi Shibano (柴野浩美). She also made the Beethoven version of Turkish March (the one used on PS2 7 and DS3)
  • SORA-I and SORA-III are by Satoshi Ishikawa (石川敏), and SORA-II and SORA-IV are by Ryuuichi Takada (高田龍一), confirming the old rumor in Taiko Wii 2 when his name appeared in its staff roll (vocalist for SORA-IV is of course, Kaori Aihara). No information on SORA-V yet.
  • Senpuu no Mai (Heaven) is the AC version, and Senpuu no Mai (Earth) is the console version. Heaven is taken as the Ura chart on console, and vice versa.
  • Taiko no Tatsujin Ai no Theme gets more than just lyrics confirmation; it's a long version song. How long? 9 minutes and 24 seconds long, which makes it by far the longest Taiko song ever made.
No music rips of the new songs yet (Shin Ryougen no Mai, Hanayou ~Flourishing Blossoms, Ai no Theme long), but we'll post as soon as we get them! Credits to crystalsuicune and Lokamp for scouting some of the details out!
    We'll update as soon as we get more details and relevant things will be added to Song Series and Song of the Week columns where necessary.


      1. No music rips? Those three were included in the DL link Crystal provided. Were you not able to download it?

        1. I can't read Chinese but it seems like I have to register an account to download...?

        2. Way too slow. Chinese servers are ass.

        3. Really? I didn't have any problems with it...

          @hahayou: You don't need an account. You just have to press the 4th button (IIRC).

      2. Well I did DL it a while ago...

        Shin Ryougen is a letdown,just the same song with an extended intro and added taiko sounds.Lazy Tatsh is lazy.
        Hanayou sounds pretty different from the other Kikyoku songs.It keeps the trad. Chinese style of course,but now it's a little bit more...jazz?...than rock.
        Hikari no Kanata He uses the long version plus dialogue
        I haven't checked the long version of Ai no Theme though

        1. DL where? >.< I can't find the album anywhere. :(

      3. "Shin Ryougen is a letdown,just the same song with an extended intro and added taiko sounds."

        Tell that to Dormir. *stares at Mizuumi no Kioku*

      4. This comment has been removed by the author.