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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taiko Team Second UStream: New Taiko Details

Hi guys, Zekira G. Drake here. Gonna cover details from the recent stream. You can watch the full stream here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18405159. Stream starts around 01:30. Anyway, let's see what we have! ...the huge lack of content here may be attributed to two things: 1.) We know a lot of these info already 2.) I cannot for the life of me understand JP So, let's do this The first thing you'll immediately notice is the very new interface. Screenshots of these were posted already so I don't think I need to elaborate on that much. However! You would want to watch the stream for one reason: everything is fully animated with a lot of frames. By that I mean the movement of the Taikos are smooth and everything with that 60 (30?) FPS AND IT'S SO GASM-BAIT. COMPARED TO TAIKO 14, THIS NEW GRAPHIC WORK IS SO AWESOME. I seriously recommend you watch the stream so that you know what I'm talking about. After that, proceeding with normal gameplay, they go to the song selection list. It's not much different from the previous arcade interface. The main difference, as we already know, is that the difficulty selection comes after the song select, resembling the Wii games' interface. Oni is unlocked the same way however. Ura is unlocked differently this time; hit the right katsu twenty times while on Oni to switch to Ura. This is really convenient as we are now not forced to play Ura-only for rounds where Ura is activated. E.G. when I want to play Angel Dream (Ura) and not Taiko Time (Ura), it's impossible to do that on the current Taiko 14 machine. Team playtesters pick the new YMCK song, Danba Danba Din Dan for their first round. It's under Namco Original. One is a casual player and picks Kantan, while the other is an average player and picks Muzukashii for this round. Here's a screenshot of the new results screen. Next they pick White Rose Insanity. They basically just demonstrate here Ura activation. I already mentioned that earlier though, lol More results screen. And now some Don Point screenshots. I think these are pretty self explanatory, so just look at them. http://puu.sh/8qGI (freaking ad, get out of the screenshot) Oh cool a picture perfect shot of the warning screen Dat Hana-chan face. Here's a screenshot from the openi-HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH 178: IDK I just found the above dialogue amusing lol) Those Taiko faces never get old. It never does. Alright now we have the design team on stream Like before... DOODLE TIME This time the topic is about the Banapassport Card. I think it's something like "The different uses of the card" or something like that. SUPER BANAPASS ???????? ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 立つ... 立つ... GUESS WHO'S BACK WTF 178 is laughing so hard after this... literally lol'ing. Okay now that portion is over... god I wish I knew what they were saying at this point... Now for the actual features of the Banapass card. Most of these we already know. My-Don name specification! My-Don outfit and colors! Score tracking! Don point tracking and gift receiving! And we actually get to see the Banapass in action this time! Two Banapass cards were used; on the Don side, Etou's card. On the Katsu side, a card with no Taiko record. OH THE SUSPENSE (lol) THE MACHINE MIGHT TURN INTO A DONDAM! RUN *bachi'd* 178: "Touch~!" The game automatically brings you to the player select screen even without coins inserted yet. In fact, this is the proper way to 'log in' when you want to play with your Banapass. Scan your card first, select player side, then insert coins. You have a freaking whole 100 seconds to do this for both players. AGAIN WITH THE AWESOME FULL FRAME ANIMATION Etou's card. Don side. Insert coins, hit the Taiko, and you're logged in. OH OH OH A NEW FIGHTER JOINS THE ULTIMATE BA-*burned* Warning TAIKO15 Don-chan Approrching!! *burned* (NOT A TYPO) Insert coins, hit the Taiko, and second player logged in! Alright, time to get that timer running down! Don't worry, each hit of the drum actually skips 4 seconds instead of 1 second. You don't have to hit the drum 100 times lol Counter's 0... Oooh? Name entry! Up to 5 characters in the name. you again have a freaking whole 100 seconds to do this. After the name entry, the server automatically updates itself with the new name of the new Don. On to play mode. First song for this round is Kiramekirari. Before that, demonstration of option select! Due to having only 2 buttons for switching, you're unfortunately going to have to scroll through the list in one direction on both dimensions. Sorry! Hit sound selection present as well. More results screen because we like seeing the dev team suck [/troll] Oh and what's this?! We get to hear Red Rose Evangel for the first time! As well as it's Kantan and Oni chart. ...if you haven't seen it yet, this footage is actually posted on youtube individually already. It's a few posts down, lol. Etou's the one playing the Don side this time; before it was just another playtester. And even more results screen Insert here a few more screenshots about Etou receiving a new costume... My head is hurting from all these screenshotting lol Next up, the Donder Hiruba page explanation! We also have a post for this just a few posts down this one. Just read on there please orz However I am going to screenshot two pages from this entire explanation... More amusing drawings. And... the clincher ??????? ... 178:「あれ?」 LONDON LONGDON ...and... ...I'm not even kidding; the designer seriously did that. Watch that portion if you don't believe me. Alright enough of that! orz Next portion! What's that on 178's hand... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Wait a minute, I think we just ninja'd ourselves a new game mechanic... well not really new It seems to act the same as the sweet potato. Maybe just a simple replacement? GOD DAMN IT ETOU STOP RUBBING IT TO MY FACE. I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO SWALLOW MY JELLY EDIT: CRAP GUESS WHO ACCIDENTALLY CLOSED THE STREAM WINDOW Ugh! I wasn't able to get the last screenshot... something about November 16! I think it's the new arcade release or something like that? Can someone clarify for me please?! UGH Anyway, that's basically it. ZGD out


  1. There is nothing wrong with opinionated comments, pikaby, I enjoy reading Zekira's fanboying XD

    Just finished watching the stream too.


    I think 16/11 is the arcade's release. /jelly x765

    (honestly even after you mentioned the innuendo, I didn't really see it as one... UNTIL YOU SCREENSHOT THE THING. >///<)

    Stupid catchy Dinba Danba song...

  2. Oh wait, about the date... now I'm not sure. I can understand the meaning of the words, but I can't put them into sentences OTL

  3. Yeah 16 Nov is definitely the arcade release date.

    And I may change my stance on the opinion thing in the future, but for now we'll stick to this.

  4. Oh and they wrote 'inu' wrongly in the banapassport uses article :P

    Spot the Dragon Ball reference in there XD

  5. Is that a Ghibli film reference I see there? :O

  6. @Sp3000 the borrower's arrietty? XD Only heard of it tho, never watched it.

    Mini people... On banapassports!