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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (24 November 2011)- Taiko Wii4 and other stuff

It's not just the launching of Taiko Wii: Ketteiban that's driving everyone crazy. The team have a lot to say.

See that picture above? The two twins on the right are Fuuga and Mirai, the main stars of Taiko Wii 4's story mode, which is basically a replacement for the Taiko Dojos we've had to endure for the past three Wii games, except with a bit more depth to it. Expect more details from Namco in their Ustream tomorrow!

Also, remember that Taiko-themed city you get for Banafest? (Namco's version of Habbo Hotel) In conjunction with the release of Taiko Wii 4, new items are now on sale for your avatars.

A Don-chan to put on your character's head.......

Okay enough of that....to get the Don-chan headwear all you have to do is pick out the leaflet from your copy of Ketteiban and enter the password on the Banafest website.

Oh and as for tomorrow's stream, you can talk to the team live using the hashtag #taiko765! Predict who will win in multiplayer and send in your song requests for them to play!

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  1. ...huh? A female character with a mini-bikini for a children's game? Namco, what the hell are you doing? xD

  2. @Lok: what are you talking about, she's awesome 8D


    I still demand a return of Arumi-chan D:

  4. Oh Lokamp/Zekira
    Always can't stop talking about those "fanservice" huh?
    I still like Kodama's design from Wii 3 more though.

  5. @betawatcher: you and I both. Arumi's actually my favorite character in the entire series so far...

    @Ian: [s]Mitsubachi Daisakusen outfit in the credits[/s]