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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First video of Zastohl no Madousho

Hi guys, Zekira G. Drake here. Autoplayed because the PSP lags like hell. Even Autoplay can't DFC when it's recording! LOL


  1. 9-star? Really?

    Have fun FCing this, guys :P

    It's not really hard, it's just that you might need experience with 10-stars to FC it.

  2. That is one cool song, aw yeah

  3. I just hope they're not thinking in start another song series with only 9-star songs xD

  4. ^ Garyoutensei seems to have fizzled out somewhat though

  5. This tune reminds me the old times with Iznogoud and Sonic & the secret rings... and that's good. :3