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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taiko 14+ LOVE Ikusa!! first video

Wow. 9 stars on Oni. This is unexpected...anyway, Taiko 14 beat PSP DX to the punch by including this song first. It's a squeaky girl song that could probably pass off as a Precure 5 opening theme, though with the current audio quality it's still quite hard to tell. Lot of nasty streams in this one, but they're intuitive so that's okay. 666 on Oni, that's a nice number. Like Koibumi on Muzukashii!


  1. I think that Love Sen!! is more in the taiko spirit than Mata Saitama 2000 :/

  2. How do you unlock these songs in the arcade? (i bet some people i know in singapore will start practising this like hell tomorrow)

  3. Seems like a pretty good notechart. And by the way, is it LOVE-Sen or LOVE-Ikusa? Twitter seems to say the latter


  4. Thanks for the heads-up on LOVE Ikusa. :)