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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More PSP leaks + first videos

The 2 videos shown above offer the original patterns for Wanya World's Muzukashii difficulty and one of Hatsune Miku no Gekishou's Oni charts. But while the second song is played on Taikojiro, the PC simulator, the first one is played on a genuine PSP game.

But there are more spoilers ahead, about some of the new songs. Click 'Read more'!

1) White Rose Insanity will probably have an Ura mode, like Black Rose Apostle had on Wii! Rumors are talking about a 9* Ura Oni, while the regular one (which is 8* on Oni) will have several long drumrolls.

2) The 10* Ao no Senritsu has 900 notes. Potential boss song here?

3) Like the Wii revivals, some songs will return to console games with a brand new Oni mode! Together with Jigoku no Taiko Jiten (revival on Wii), the songs Taiyou mo Yapapa, Sport Digestion Fill in the Sky and Happy & Peace will probably be given this revival opportunity, seeing as some of them are so old they don't even have complete sets of difficulties.

It's a pity, Glaroid Room could not get the game before the strret release date of July 14, but it's all fine, as Taiko PSP DX officially comes out tomorrow! Whoever's getting the game, have fun, and don't forget to download Pastel Dream!


  1. White Rose Insanity will be the new Dodododonderful, 494 notes and lots of drumrolls, looks like this song is the opposite of Black Rose in difficulty too..
    But there still some potential 10* songs, including SORA-V and Ao no Senritsu.

  2. The oni diff of gekishou is quite disapointing. I'm better looking for the URA diff >:3

  3. *watches video*

    Pffff, 10*?? This is 10*? Oh well, maybe it's making a leeway for Ura Oni to be significantly harder