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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rotter Tarmination at 0.1 scroll speed

From the same maniac who made the 2600-note Kita Saitama custom notechart, this is an exact replica of Rotter Tarmination's Ura Oni difficulty. Except this time you can't see the notes properly. Not because they're invisible or scrolling too fast. This time, it's scrolling so slowly, we can barel see anything going on! This guy found a way to make the entire song scroll as close to zero speed as possible, making for one eye-gaping moment, even if it is just notes we've all seen before. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, especially all the notes hidden behind the large ones!

And this isn't Autoplay for once, it's played by a human. You can tell by all the misses.

1 comment:

  1. Someone send me over this file along with Taikojiro

    I wanna FC this