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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (3 February 2011) - Taiko 14 6th code

Namco did again! As for the first Thursday of the month, Eto's Taiko Team has released another unlocking code for the latest Taiko arcade. Surprises are spicer this time, trust me!

Back from the past, the arcade's tracklist now includes Karui Zawameki, of of the theme songs of Taiko PSP 2. Together with this song, the Namco Original genre becomes larger with Mulberry, a brand new 7* tune. But this time, the Ura release concerns this blog's favourite! Taiko Time managed to achieve an alternative way to see a techno 10-starred song. And....and, it's exactly the same notes seen before on Taiko Wii 3's final dojo challenge. Fans were spot-on in their guess!

According to the blog, this 6th unlock code is also the final unlock code for Taiko 14, then goes on to tell us that Taiko 14 boasts the largest tracklist of any version ever made (as if the previous versions didn't feature an upward trend in song count :P ). Still, the more the merrier.

That makes Shimedore 2000 the only song in the rumor list not unlocked as of now. Where is it then? *suspense builds*

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