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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (10 March 2011) - Namco Original survey results

A month ago all of us (yep, me and all the Taiko Time staff included!) voted on Namco's official website in a survey. The subject was 'Which Namco Original would you like to see a second song of?' The results came out today.

The winner is...

Angel Dream!

This should be music to the ears of fans of both Angel Dream and Kaze no Fantasy, as this means there's (finally) going to be a 3rd song in the series. Great timing too- it's been more than two years since Kaze no Fantasy first appeared on Taiko 12 and Taiko Wii. Though at least one song came close (Yumeiro Coaster), there had never been a true sequel to the series with the song ID 'angel3'.

The Taiko Team immediately got the composer of the Angel series (Keiichi Okabe) together for some comments. Looks like someone's going to be working overtime again. Hopefully we'll see their new song in the next Taiko version!

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  1. Wonder if they will revive Kaze no Fantasy in 15?
    Or will they create ura version of Kaze no Fantasy or the 3rd song?

  2. crap I was hoping for niji iro yume iro taiko iro to win! oh well I guess angel dream will do... P.S. I`ve been lerking on taikotime for a long time now but I just made my account last month please check out my blog! also I`ll be sure to mention taikotime when I a blog post about taiko no tatsujin!

  3. Nooo! I just wanted a new Saitama, I cannot believe that Angel Dream won.. D:

  4. Nooo! I just wanted a new Saitama X2

    I'm more than fine with Angel Dream, however :D

  5. An addition to Angel Dream series isn't bad <D Nothing beats the original song though.