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Friday, February 4, 2011

SORA-IV Bunpasong first video

Still waiting on that high-quality, but we can at least get a feeling of the song for now. It's actually not that hard save for the unfair middle part. And Kaori Aihara's voice is still just as sweet (or annoying, depending on how much you liked Total Eclipse 2035) as before. Still, vocals for a SORA song?


  1. Well, here it is. SORA-IV. Or,as I like to say, "how to totally ruin a fine series of songs". Lame, annoying and unfitting. That's all. that Aihara Kaori knows how to make the songs hatable.


  2. eeehhh. this song is ok at best. i dont like Aihara kaoris voice. this is just another total eclipse to me. i liked the old
    SORA songs without the vocals. then again this one was meant to be the odd one out after all. .Bunpasong. ???

  3. I like Aihara Kaori's voice (that's why I liked Total Eclipse) but even I had to agree it was weird. SORA song with vocals, even if it weren't her singing it, feels strange.

  4. Somehow this feels like the no Mai songs starting without any vocals and then suddenly...

  5. This is disappointing. I hope this is the only SORA song with vocals...