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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Site announcement: Introducing the Fan-made corner

Hi there, fellow donders! The Taiko Time staff is proud to open the Fan-made corner. Placed in the Others page, the Fan-made corner will be a list of fan-made things related to Taiko. You know, like fanart, custom notecharts, figurines, anything! If you find any interesting Taiko-related tributes or other stuff, keep us posted and we'll have more to write on every now and then!

Blog contributor,

(Note from pikaby: since we want it to be a loose listing instead of being a strictly updated one like the rest of the site, the links in the Fan corner will go to the respective labels, and newest posts will show first. To see older posts, just press 'Older Posts' on the bottom of the page, just like any other old blog)

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