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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Arumujika ac14.0V videos

Oni 9*. That would make Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5 still the only song in the series with 10* difficulty. But really, can you say ac12.5 is harder than this? Arumujika has some damn complicated note patterns o_o

Looks very fun to play though, and the music is completely different from what the title would suggest (al-Muzika? Arabian music?). In fact, it resembles the original carnival vibe of Numujika ac.10 more than any other song in this series. Very fun, very nice to listen to. An epic song.

As for the other unlockable song, that's the second time Scroll Mika has been revived for the arcades. You can't kill off a popular song, it seems.

If you can't hear the great music clearly, here's a good one (on Muzukashii) which will have to do until a high-quality recording is made. This is as close to HQ as we can get for now.


  1. I guess this shows what that mysterious picture before actually was. Too bad it wasn't a new 2000.

  2. Jeez, everyone remembered that odd picture except me :P I'll make sure that goes in the ac. series article.