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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Song of the Week! 30 October 2010


This is koocono's request. Remember what song he picked two weeks ago? Well, it's being featured here, this week! Got any other special requests? Just leave a comment, as usual!

mint tears
Taiko 13, 14, all consolex5 (183)x6 (255) x8 (573,416,376)x10 (765)
Taiko 0 onwardsx4 (183)x6 (255) x7 (573,416,376)x10 (765)
Taiko 13, 14, Taiko 0, Taiko DS 3, Taiko Wii 3, CD Full Combo

mint tears was one of the final unlockable songs in Taiko 13. Actually 'final' would be misleading, as prior to Namco's official announcement, there were already people who have unlocked mint tears by another secret method known only to skilled players, however, the method involved was not confirmed by Namco until much later. The song was composed by two people, known only as 'silvercoin' and 'cotoribbon', and together called 'ribbon rooms' (this is the official artist name for mint tears). 'silvercoin' created the music, a fast-paced and cute Eurobeat style song, while 'cotoribbon' handled the lyrics, with love and heartbreaks as the main theme. The song's lyrics are indeed about someone who has recently suffered a break-up with her loved one.

Like a few other Namco Original composers like Zeami, the real identity of mint tears' creators is still unknown. Keener Taiko fans (those keen enough to follow Takahashi-san's Twitter account, the mastermind behind Taiko no Tatsujin) have linked this mysterious duo with Dormir, song composers for Konami rhythm games (with the same, almost-mechanical quality of singing voice). A conversation was spotted on Twitter between Dormir and Takahashi-san. To add to the speculation, the total number of notes in Muzukashii is 573, which in Japanese can be pronounced as 'ko-na-mi'. Again, like with Zeami, this is all one big rumor.

On Taiko, mint tears is your average daily 10* Oni song. No real arm breaking challenge, but not very easy to pass either. The BPM is rather high, and the note clusters can confuse people after certain portions, especially the end part where notes are separated by four extremely short balloon notes requiring only 2 hits each (the last one is long 3), and only half a beat of time to clear each one. Not to mention the note stream at the back. All in all it's a song that is very easy to slip up on.

On Taiko DS3, mint tears was used on the boss battle with the twin snow princesses, Yukie and Miyuki.

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